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On each show, world-class teachers and demonstrators explore the nation’s favourite crafts – from sewing, embroidery and quilting, to knitting and crochet, papercraft, cake decorating and more.

Craft Daily features techniques, tips and tutorials to give viewers new skills and build their confidence – it’s Craft TV like never before!

Your chat may be monitored and recorded for training, legal and compliance purposes.A transcript in the Telegraph showed Hackwood’s frustration after he was continuously stalled by one of Sky’s operatives, Rachael, while talking to her online.She constantly tried to sell him packages even though he said he wanted to leave the service.Rachael: That is understandable, and you do not have to have the broadband in with the package, although very few people in the UK actually need 152mb, unless you have over a dozen computers in your house all downloading illegally, streaming and online gaming on multiple devices all at the same time. Rachael: As I said, that is fine you don’t need to have the Broadband with us to be able to get the TV, you are already aware of that because it is the set up you have at the moment.All I am saying is there is nothing wrong with discussing your TV package before you make any changes, at least that way you would know what your entitled to and make an informed decision, it isn’t going to change your notice period to discuss it first, it would all still change on the same date anyway.

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