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Scott Cam is a personable host, but his cracks about the female halves in teams disappearing to shop when the deadline pressure is on are becoming repetitive.Even a team of two men - burly middle-aged tradesmen and Rod Marsh lookalikes Mark Bowyer and Duncan Miller - have been condescendingly tagged ''the Two Fat Tradies'' because they've had to venture into interior design, and Miller is mocked because he takes responsibility for the shopping and dressing required.Scott Disick didn’t quell any rumors when he stepped out with model Sofia Richie for an early dinner Friday night at Nobu in Malibu.The two appeared to be in good spirits as they walked out arm-in-arm: Disick, 34, wearing a blue jacket and a white T-shirt, while Richie, 18, donned black pants, and a black sweatshirt complete with white sneakers and sunglasses.The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been pictured out and about with the 19-year-old on a number of occasions in the last month.But during a pool day at a hotel in Miami, the 34-year-old gave his teenage girlfriend a sneaky kiss while enjoying some alone time together.

They could be horrid, yet somehow also jolly, and it was only with their final episodes that they began to really grate, even as they boosted the already domineering ratings. Another NSW team, also with an Asian background - best friends Ashlee Pham and Sophia Pou - arrived as part of the ''gatecrashers'', an unfortunate reference to upsetting the show's cultural status quo that was conceived to extend the popular dinner-party section of the format. Khan and Kamila were subject to an expletive-laden barrage of racist abuse and death threats on social media, and the perception appeared to be that because they were on TV they were fair game.

The planned challenges took advantage of the seafood and fresh produce uniquely available in this region.

At the end of this week, only four teams will remain.

As it is, it's time for some dinky-di Aussie boofheads to enter the reality television crosshairs.

SCOTT Disick and Sofia Richie have finally made their relationship official.

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