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You can read more about the expat dating scene in Hong Kong in this article by Sebastian Harris.

But while intentions may be harder to decipher and cultural confusion may cause hurtful misunderstanding, the foreign partner can also circumvent social expectations.

Testing the theory that people are much more expressive about what they don't like than what they do, tech entrepreneur Ben Alper has created Hater, an app that matches users based on their bugbears.

In Chinese culture, it’s generally accepted that the man should be more accomplished or educated than his wife, and have the better job.This is a crude analysis, for sure, but it’s true that Hong Kong men and women alike are expressing a sense that it’s tough out there.Just as on the mainland, there’s family and societal pressure to marry and have children, and this can mean huge family strife.Then, over the last two decades, the rise of the Chinese mainland led to the rise of the Shenzhen mistress, and an increase in the number of ambitious young mainlanders living in the city.In the marriage economy, Hong Kong Cantonese women saw their stocks tumble.

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Dating is traditional in the Western sense – the man is supposed to pay, bring a small gift, possibly take the woman home in a taxi before heading home himself.

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