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One daily unit shall correspond to one day of imprisonment.

Section 15Intent and negligence Section 16Mistake of fact(2) Whosoever at the time of commission of the offence mistakenly assumes the existence of facts which would satisfy the elements of a more lenient provision, may only be punished for the intentional commission of the offence under the more lenient provision.table of contents If at the time of the commission of the offence the offender lacks the awareness that he is acting unlawfully, he shall be deemed to have acted without guilt if the mistake was unavoidable.

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Section 45b Reinstatement1loss has been in effect for half of its duration; and(2) Any period during which the offender was kept in detention in an institution pursuant to an order of a public authority shall not count towards the duration.table of contents Section 46Principles of sentencing(2) When sentencing the court shall weigh the circumstances in favour of and against the offender.

Consideration shall in particular be given tothe attitude reflected in the offence and the degree of force of willthe degree of the violation of the offender’s duties;extent that the offender is to blame for them;his conduct after the offence, particularly his efforts to make restitution(3) Circumstances which are already statutory elements of the offence must not be considered.table of contents If the offender,2a case in which making restitution for the harm caused required substantial personal services or personal sacrifice on his part, has made full compensation or the major part thereof to the victim, Section 46b Contributing to the discovery or prevention of serious offences1substantially contributed to the discovery of an offence under section 100a(2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure which is related to his own offence by voluntarily disclosing his knowledge, orthe court may mitigate the sentence under section 49(1); a sentence of life imprisonment shall be replaced with a term of imprisonment of no less than ten years.

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