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How can I find out information about my certificate? Completion of 100 clock hours (or credit equivalent) and/or up to four annual Professional Growth Plans within the five years preceding your application for reinstatement is required. What would I have to do to obtain a teaching certificate?

Contact Professional Certification by email or phone (360-725-6400) with your complete legal name and date of birth, and any other names under which you may have been certified. Washington requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree and a state-approved teacher preparation program. Requirement information is available on our website. You will need your transcripts verifying your degree(s) and teacher preparation program.

Further information regarding the continuing certificate requirements. How can I find out information about CTE (vocational) certification? However, it might be best to contact our office, either at Professional Certification or by telephone at 360-725-6400 so we can provide you with information appropriate for your situation.

I'm going to retire after many years of teaching in Washington, but I would still like to substitute teach. You may need to have your residency certificate reissued. Please visit how to become CTE certified in Washington. I'm interested in substitute teaching, but I don't have an education background. A regular substitute teaching certificate requires the same preparation as a regular teaching certificate: a bachelor's degree and a state-approved training program.

Sometimes the E-Certification option won't appear for 10-15 minutes, or up to a few hours, so you may need to log out and try again later that day.Do you accept any tests other than the West-B or West-E/NES? That certificate will carry the same endorsements as your initial certificate. (The Wisconsin Master Educator License and Ohio's Five-Year Professional License both require verification of five years of teaching experience in a P-12 setting.)​ My residency certificate says 'Residency FI' or 'Residency PS' and has no expiration date.There are multiple tests that are accepted in lieu of the West-B and West-E/NES. What do I need to do to keep my certificate current?If you completed a program through an institution outside of Washington State, you must check with the institution to be sure their program is/was state-approved at the time you completed the program.Washington accepts all other states' programs having state approval for purposes of educational certification or licensure for serving in the role in K-12 schools.

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