Dating true hermaphrodites

Recently we did a sex podcast on Project GO where we told guys how to give a girl an orgasm, squirt, and other techniques to make her squeal pleasurable sounds.

But, we didn't really discuss how to get the girl in bed in the first place. Of course, there are also ways to get the girl to have sex with you in your car, public spaces, kitchen, in her parent's house, etc., But that's for another time or a future podcast.

It is that you show her your room before you even move her to your bed.

You want her to feel comfortable in your room, so when she's turned on, she knows where your room is and can deal with its atmosphere.

It is during the walk to her place that you should be hold her hand, talk about things that happened during the date, flirt more, etc., Also, you should also implement a few lines like: "This is a cool neighborhood, I wonder what you have inside your place." "I can't wait to see how you live." Again, you should be suggesting that you are going to be invited inside her place.

Also, the walk to her place provides more comfort that you're a guy she would like to spend more time with.

1) Any woman has the physical ability to ejaculate multiple times in a lovemaking session if she’s healthy, interested in doing so and takes into account normal hormonal fluctuations. Have her drink plenty of fluid before, during and after. She can tell you when that happens for her and each session, it will be different. It’s like they have calluses in their vaginas, right?

Then once she's inside, give her a tour of your place.

It is crucial in this time that you show her around: introduce her to your roommates, the kitchen, and of course a glimpse of your room.

(results may vary) 2) Ejaculation tends to improve/evolve over time. Make sure you tell her, “good girl” and “that’s beautiful” or what ever you and she like to hear. You don’t need to jackhammer your woman’s precious pusssy.

She can squirt more fluid and have more ejaculatory orgasms the more she ejaculates. (practice makes perfect) Soon I could consistently feel a little wetness myself each time we had a “DO date.”* Then during a DO Date, after 20-30 minutes: …both hubby and I would see a little spring of fluid come out of me and there was a noticeable wet spot on the towel. Make sure your beauty is very, very engorged from lots of foreplay, G-Spot stroking, and use copious amounts of her favorite lube.

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Of course, you can be direct; "Come inside, because we're going to have sex." I've found that this line is a very high risk, high reward line. There is no need for a tour, because things will happen ASAP.

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