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After learning about the differences, and how conforming to human-made gender roles makes little sense logically, one can quickly understand why this view is uninformed and illogical.Now I am not saying, that gender is completely socially constructed.

Due to the social construction of gender (which you start to pick up from day one, as your mom wraps you in pink or blue, depending on if you were born a female or a male,) many think it is wrong to blur the lines between genders, simply by crossing the strict line between a boy and a girl.

And a new gender, one that is gender fluid, would be born. Your sex is male, because you have male organs, or your sex is female, because you have female organs.

For those who believe the words, "gender", and "sex", are synonymous, they're not. Your gender is simply everything else society tells you that people with those physical traits have to be: what they have to think, look, and act like.

Before reading this post, I encourage you to read it with an open mind and heart.

There's a lot of info in here, some disagreeable to some, so just be prepared to receive my opinion, think about it, and feel free to explore more yourself after reading.

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