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These messages are usually sent when you don't expect a reply to occur immediately, and are usually sent to people that are completely around the world and are between 8 to 12 hours in difference to your own time zone.

When you post a valid and authentic review upon our site then we will provide one (1) message credit to you to use as you wish We have different tiers (levels) of messaging or live chat time that you can purchase. This is why we have an option for Members to buy gift packages for each other.

Chat (or Live Chat) is when another Member is online and you can converse between each other immediately and without delay.As an Ambassador, you should be open to a large number of Members contacting you for ideas of what to do or see while they are in your area or for the opportunity that you might join them to have a combined experience.It’s a wonderful way to make new friends as they come in to experience your locale!Additionally, as it also relates to regular community members, your contributions are valuable and appreciate all the effort that you put into writing excellent and valid reviews for each venue that you had experienced.As such, there is no cost to write or post a review upon this site, and as a bonus, we will even add one (1) message credit to your messaging account for each review that you post. Ambassadors (Tour Guides / Operators) are the ONLY Members that are charged "monthly".

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Based on where you live, where you’re currently travelling to, or planning to travel to in the future, our site allows you to pre-schedule meetups with like-minded people.

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